BestKoin to integrate into the Brasil Fidelidade

BRAZIL FIDELIDADE ( strongly believes in the delivery of quality products and benefits to customers through well founded partnerships and result sharing.

In the DNA is the construction of an extensive Loyalty Program that integrates several sectors of the economy, such as the entertainment industry, cultural, tourism, retail, food, transportation, healthcare and services.

With the focus to offer the best solutions for the customers, Brasil Fidelidade has strategic applications and the best technology partners in the financial sector, with solid and reliable suppliers, as well as observing a stricter Compliance principles and regulations.

The BestKoin cryptocurrency will be integrated into the Brasil Fidelidade’s “ecosystem”, to provide a new digital instrument to leverage the strategic advantages and sales of the accredited establishments members of the loyalty program. 

 BRAZIL FIDELIDADE is connected with over 20 affiliate partner companies and tens of thousands of client establishments throughout Brazil, operating in their specific sectors.  It is also associated with several official associations from different sectors that support the BRAZIL FIDELIDADE program.

All this, with great pride, BRAZIL FIDELIDADE will count on the cryptocurrency BestKoin, which would provide considerable strategic growth in the coming years, starting from the end of 2019.Today, with partnership with some of the main companies in the payment solutions and financial services in Brazil, among many companies that chose BRASIL FIDELIDADE are:  Tipay, Total Player, PPG, Totem do Brasil, Observatório da Longevidade, Afrocard, Vantagecard, Banco Digital, , Banco POP, Velho Barreiro, FullBank, Flexipay and Rede Social Life.

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