A joint event between Geneva Macro Labs and the United Nations Joint Inspection Unit

Blockchain 4 Impact

Palais des Nations in Geneva

26 and 27 September 2019

Blockchain technology is changing the way we work, communicate, pay or receive money, save the environment or protect our data. Not only governments or central banks are concerned but everyone of us who wants to support a sustainable future in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The Geneva Macro Labs is providing with “Blockchain 4 Impact” a space for leveraging Lake Leman’s intellectual potential by bringing together leading minds in the field of Blockchain and sustainability. In times of technological disruption, the event stands out by offering a clear, open and transparent discussion about opportunities and limitations this new technology can offer. 

Libra Association and SEBA, one of the first Swiss Cryptobanks, will hold the keynote speeches. 

A diverse range of speakers will link technical aspects of Blockchain to policy objectives and discuss concrete use-cases and their potential. The event offers an engaging format for encouraging critical discussion, knowledge exchange and networking around concrete blockchain applications. Hence, developers, regulators and users are supported to better understand each other and the implications of the technology. The discussion results will be summarized in a Solution paper, identifying tangible solutions for achieving SDGs targets with the help of Blockchain. 

The Geneva Macro Labs is partnering with Diginex, the Crypto Valley Association (CVA), the JustJobsNetwork and the Swiss Finance and Technology Association (SFTA). Moderators from CNN Money, RTS and CVA will lead through the 1,5 days.

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