Official Statement

The Board of Best Innovation Technology (BIT), the entity that owns the technology and assets of BestKoin, received the Exchange information yesterday (Xchange Umbrella), has not yet online due to the worldwide collapse that occurred in Cloudfare and that at any moment could be expectedly online.


As we mentioned in our last statement, these two entities have no ties other than the commercial one and as long as it is in the interest of both parties.


The Xchange Umbrella as timely transmitted, has celebrated a commercial agreement with BIT, like many other entities, and for several reasons that could be attributed directly and / or indirectly to them, proposed us to be the first commercial / exchange partner to negotiate BestKoin (the proposal which was presented to us was of great strategic interest for the use of Bestkoin within the tourism sector, helping to carry out our main goal/task) but, unfortunately, failed to fulfill its commitment to the market within the schedule time.


In this way, we reiterate and emphasize again that there is no relationship of any kind between Exchange Xchange Umbrella and BestKoin other than the aforementioned commercial agreement. This trading agreement will be without effect / suspended from today and will only be reactivated (after analysis and agreement of BIT) verifying that the system of the referred Exchange is already active and 100% operational.


In this sense, and in view of these constraints, BestKoin decided to concentrate all its commercial efforts exclusively on the opening of the exchange of BestKoin group, BestKoinBase, with opening scheduled for October 1st 2019, as well as the possible conclusion of other agreements with other exchanges in the market that have already approached BestKoin for this purpose.


Already in the second fortnight of July our loyalty platform will be presented, only possible due to a structural partnership with VGS ( with wide advantages for our customers and partner establishments. Examples: festivals, physical stores or online, travel agency, among others.


BestKoin Team
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